Healthy food, baking, protein pancakes, protein, foodieI remember eating pancakes as a kid. It was always a good Saturday morning when mom got the frying pan out and whipped up some home made pancakes. Fluffy and delicious homemade pancakes.  Fast forward into adulthood and the traditional breakfast meal was not something I particularly looked forward to. Why? Well the carb load for normal pancakes is just INSANE!!! Every time I sat down to eat regular homemade pancakes I would feel, well, sick and a little sluggish.  This fun Saturday morning tradition just wasn't all that fun anymore. Now that I understand nutrition, how to listen to my body, and know what my body needs to function at it's best I decided to make some simple changes so my family could enjoy this fun tradition without feeling sick and sluggish.  I played around with some different recipe's for a while, never quite decided on one until my good friends introduced me to Kodiak Cakes. They are a whole grain pancake mix with added protein to give you a more balanced meal.  You better believe I snatched up a couple boxes of Kodiak Cakes as fast as I could.

 I have been making pancakes with them for the last couple of years and have solidified my own recipe to up the protein a bit more. Now just a couple of these pancakes leaves me feeling full and fueled. No more sluggish food hangovers. Added bonus, my kids and hubby love them too and ask for them at least a couple times a week.

As always with any of my healthy food posts I have a free downloadable PDF available for you. So be sure to download and take a look. 

Protein Pancakes, Healthy Eating, Breakfast food, Healthy Breakfast

Downloadable PDF: Blueberry Protein Pancakes

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