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Is it over? Has it happened yet? You know, the honeymoon stage of summer.  Has it slowly slipped out your open window into the warm air not to be seen again until the first of June next year? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed as a parent because you were frankly just so excited to let your kids sleep in and play all day once school was out that you didn't really plan for what to do next? If you are anything like me and my kids, we kinda need a little break from schedules the first of summer. Just time to regroup and not feel rushed or pressured. It's great, we get to really relax and allow ourselves to recover. That said, by end of June not having a schedule really starts to weigh down on us. Kids need order guys.

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Not to mention the summer learning loss that seems to happen every year. Your kids work so hard during the school year and cover so much ground then summer comes and poof. Where does all of that information go? You can really prevent the Summer Learning Loss by implementing just an hour a day to refresh their minds on some of those key topics. It also helps to alleviate the title wave of information coming back at them once school starts back up.  

I really love these programs to help prevent the summer learning loss...




If you can relate to the above picture in any way I have some fun things below to help you and your kiddos out. 

First off a simple summer schedule for kids. Feel free to use is as a strict guide or a loose suggestion. Whatever works best for you and yours;) This schedule does not account for nap time if you have any children that age. It is mostly geared towards school aged children. But you can easily replace the morning or afternoon play time with nap time;). 

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Free Downloadable PDF: Summer Schedule Checklist For Kids

You will see in the above schedule that there are specific times allotted for fun activities, learning, and chores. I have provided a catalog below with helpful ideas for all of those subjects. Sometimes as moms we need to remember how to be kids again right? Ideas can help us engage in ways that we otherwise might have forgotten to.  You can treat the lists as kind of a bucket list for summer to keep you on track for having a fun summer with the littles. 


Free Downloadable PDF: Summer Activity Guide

Well there you have it folks. Remember this post is only meant to be a helpful resource for the summer. Don't beat yourself up about it.  As moms we can sometimes be overly critical of ourselves so here is a reminder to think positive personal thoughts;) Oh, and if you are looking for a couple fun summer items for the kiddos these should help you out. 


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