How to throw a beautiful garden bridal shower - Free Downloads Included

If your gearing up to throw a bridal shower you have come to the right place. This past spring I had the chance to shower my sweet sister with a beautiful garden party. Keep reading to get some great ideas and a few freebies for the next shower you hold.

Upon entering the party we decided to switch up the traditional sign in table with something a little bit more meaningful. When guests arrive they were asked to share their favorite date night ideas on a small card laced with beautiful water color florals.

I have a free printable for both the instruction sign as well as the small cards that friends and family use to write their favorite date night ideas on. This gives guests the opportunity to pass along something positive that will help contribute to the new relationship the bride is committing to. Instructions and cards can be found here:

Instructions: Date Night Idea - Instructions

Cards: Date Night Idea - Cards

Once written they are asked to place their card in a large Kerr Jar sitting close by. 

Bridal shower sign in table

On the same table we decided to give guests an opportunity to win a yummy chocolate door prize. If you are like me and love the idea of door prizes we have two free downloads available for that as well.

The play-on-words brings a bit of humor to the party setting a light and fun feel to the event. Once attendees have written their guess on the small card they also place that in another Kerr jar sitting on the table. 

Bridal Shower Door Prize

The free download printables for this door prize game can be found here:

Instructions: Guess How Many Kisses - Instructions

Cards: Guess How Many Kisses - Cards

I used a light blue and light pink card stock to print these adorable cards and instruction signs on. Using two different colors helped to differentiate the date night idea from the door prize.  

After passing the revamped sign in table guests were greeted with beautiful tables draped in petal pink chiffon and topped off with a pretty floral arrangement placed in a farmhouse weathered wooden box.

Bridal Shower Centerpiece
The chiffon linens and farmhouse wooden floral boxes really balanced each other out nicely. I paired a pretty light gold candle holder at each table as well. You can find a similar option available in the Cottonwood Home Co shop here. We added iron and wood slat chairs to each table to complete the garden party look.  
Bridal Shower Food
With decor all in order we move to one of the most important items... FOOD.
Bridal Shower Food
For this we wanted to keep it light and fun. We decided to serve an angel food cake bar. We provided an assortment of fresh and purée berries with homemade whipped cream. We dressed the table up with a few filler sweets like cake balls on a pretty gold stick, small cupcakes, and raspberry pastries. It was delicious, easy, and still had a fresh-from the garden feel to it. 
I hope you found this review of our Garden Bridal Shower helpful. Be sure to snag your free downloads listed above. Oh and subscribe below so you don’t miss out on other free giveaways. 



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