chicken noodle soup, homemade, soup


Let's face it.. we have all been there. You slave away at your hot stove for who knows how long putting together that oh so epic dinner meal. The one your mom made for you that always brought a smile to your face and made you feel warm inside. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. You finally sit down, say grace, and take that first bight only to be disappointed by how dry the chicken is or how soggy the vegetables are. The broth... it tastes like it's missing something, and these noodles, are they cooked all the way? Hey I have been there like I'm sure we all have, which is why I'm going to share my secret to success with chicken noodle soup. Literally a fool proof method for making this soup an absolute success.

I was sitting at the counter chatting with my mother in law while she was working on something in the kitchen. Ashton and I hadn't eaten dinner yet (pre-kid years) and I think she could tell we were a bit hungry. Without asking she dished us up a bowl of homemade Chicken Noodle soup and placed it in front of us. Ashton dug right in. I thanked her and took my first bite. It was unlike any chicken noodle soup I had EVER, and I repeat, EVER tasted. The vegetables were perfectly matched, the chicken... still moist (I know, not my favorite word either... can someone give me a good substitute?), and what were these noodles. I immediately started asking her how she made it. To Charlotte, it was nothing out of the ordinary. Just add a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, use these, wait to add this. I tried to replicate the recipe a couple of times without success. But I didn't let failure get the best of me, I have been know to be a little tenacious;)  So I kept trying until one day... I finally had it perfected. I happen to have one of the most honest food testers out there, my husband. Each time I made it he would say... almost there or not quite but close. The day I got it right he looked up and said yep, it's there. I felt absolutely victorious. I have been happily and proudly serving this delicious meal to my family ever since. 

chicken noodle soup, homemade, soup

Now that you have the backstory, here is how you tackle this epic dinner meal. Probably one of the most important factors in this soup can be explained in two words... rotisserie chicken.  That's right. DON'T BOIL YOUR MEAT to cook it. You will throw it in at the end just to heat it up... but I am getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning.


Either make your own classic rotisserie chicken or pick one up from your local grocery store. Separate the meat from the bones and set both aside.

Fill a 6-8 qt pot 1/3 the way full and place the chicken bones, chicken bouillon cubes, salt, garlic salt, onion salt, parsley, basil, season seasoning blend in the pot. Bring to a boil. You will notice the bones and joints will be an ivory white color when you initially place them in the pot.  Don't not remove them form the pot until they have turned a dark grayish/brown at the joints and other areas. Remove all the bones and add your vegetables and thin egg noodles. Surprisingly enough it's really important to include broccoli in this recipe so be sure to include it.  Once the egg noodles are just about done (3/4th to 5/6th done), add the chicken. Boil until egg noodles are done and remove from heat. And there you have it! I have included the exact measurements in the downloadable PDF below.  

chicken noodle soup, homemade, soup

 Downloadable PDF: Rotisserie Chicken Noodle Soup

Soups up!


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