SIMPLE SUCCULENTS: How To Plant An Indoor Succulent Garden

One of my good friends and I were brainstorming some fun home projects a while back and she casually mentioned an indoor succulent garden. I have been eyeing these delicate little plants for some time. Something about a small monochromatic green garden sitting happily on my shelf kinda just made me smile. Plus if you spend any time on Pinterest like I do, (let's face it, who doesn't these days) you have probably seen these stunning indoor mini gardens and terrariums. All the heart eyes!!! There is just one problem... I have always struggled with indoor plants. I don't know what my deal is. I can't seem to manage them or maybe it's that I don't want to manage them? Fact is, I've never really loved indoor plants (did I just say that out loud?). That is until these mini succulents caught my eye. But my indoor struggle with plants is actually kind of ironic because I love to garden and consider myself to have a bit of a green thumb on our 1/2 acre property that is FULLY landscaped WITH a large garden space. So yeah, why in the hey do I struggle with house plants?!?!?!

I decided to end my negative house plant relationship by making my own indoor succulent garden. So here it is...

Step One: Decide On Your Garden Look

Decide on the look you are going for, both plant color and container. If you need inspiration, seriously check out Pinterest. I really wanted my container to have a clean white modern feel and my plants to stay within my monochromatic green color scheme. There is an excellent succulent pack that can get you taken care of on the plant side and keep you from hours of trying to pick the perfect plant. They send you a collection of 12 succulents that all compliment each other. Here it is.  I decided I wanted to make three separate mini gardens, one more of a terrarium feel and the other two a clean white modern bowl with some character.  For the terrarium I used a pretty glass bowl from Tia Pan that I already had, but this one is just gorgeous. I love the gold accents on the glass seams.  Oh man I searched high and low and low and high for my two white containers. I wanted one of them to be a large clam shell or a glass bowl that looked like a clam shell and tho other to have super clean lines and and feel very  modern.   Finally I found one the perfect size, but I cam across this shortly after I finished my pot and kinda feel like it would just look amazing and be such a statement piece.   I also really like this pot .

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Step Two: Acquire Materials

You need to get your soil, rocks, and plants gathered. The soil is actually really important. You don't want to use any old potting soil for succulents. They require a special kind of soil. You can pick it up at your local garden store. I got mine from Home Depot  here. The bag needs to say Succulent Mix or Cactus & Succulent Potting Mix.

Succulent potting soil, mini garden, house plants, modern house plants, design, modern design

For my mini gardens soil cover decorative stones/pebbles I decided to stick with a clean white feel. I'm kinda digging the white on white right now.  I used Soil Cover Pearl Stone.  Just gorgeous!!!

Soil Cover, pebbles, plants, house plants, modern plants, modern design, home

For my plant selection, I kinda went a little crazy. I stuck with mostly really small plants, remember I wanted a mini garden, but in total purchased close to 16 plants. I wanted each garden to be delicate but still make a statement, so I made sure I bought enough for all three mini gardens. Go big or go home right? Ha ha ha... Staying within my green color scheme I tried to keep and even variation of light, medium, and dark green. So many garden stores have such a huge selection of succulents available right now. This actually made it really hard to narrow it down to just 16 plants. Another reason why I love this assortment of 12 succulents. Definitely simplifies the process.   I'm kind of in love with all of them. Who doesn't like miniatures though? Here is a list of some of my favorite plants:

  • Mimi Cry
  • Donkey Tails
  • Desert Rose Echeveria in these types- Minimes, Blue Star, Elegans Gesneden, Derenbergil Blue, and Colorata. I know those names are kinda crazy;)
  • Baby Toes
  • California Sunset
  • Tchoupi

Step Three: Prepare For Planting

If you are using a container that has a drain hole you are good to go with laying your soil down first. However, if your contain does not have a drain hole I recommend putting a thin layer of river pebbles on the bottom of your bowl. This will help to act as a water retainer/drainer for the pot. Then place your soil on top of the stones.

Succulent Garden, House plants, modern decor, desing, succulent garden, mini garden


Step Four: Planting

Be sure to remember these plants are very delicate. I kept telling my friends I felt like I was performing surgery. You can place your succulents pretty close together if you want a snugged, full, and tight look. They can handle it.  I always break up the root base a little before planting to help promote growth once the plant gets in it's new home. Now that your plants are all in place, dirt has been added and leveled, its time to set your stones/pebbles.

Care for Succulents, mini garden, succulent garden


Step 5: Caring For Your Succulent

Lose the spray bottles and don't water everyday. Watering every day does not help the roots grow strong shoots. The plant will just add tiny little fibers to the existing main root. The best way to water and care for these little loves is to soak them then let the soil completely dry out, COMPLETELY, before soaking again. When the soil is completely dry it forces the root to grow.

Succulent Terrarium, Garden, House plants, Mini garden, succulents

There you have it. A mini succulent garden made simple. Leave a comment below if I can help with anything or if you have something to add.

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Soil Cover:

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Succulent 12 Pack:

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