Healthy Sun Dried Cherry Fruit Leather

Every summer on the Fourth of July we take a short half hour drive through a gorgeous canyon to grandma and grandpa’s. The family all comes together to eat, laugh, and pick some of Grandma Charlotte’s over abundance of raspberries and cherries. Little kids and adults alike grab buckets, bowls and sacks and climb up on the roof of the house where a large old Russian cherry tree hangs perfectly over the roof line for picking. We pick until our containers are bursting and our fingers are stained red.

What ensues is a couple of days full of cherry prepping for chocolate covered cherries, Cheesecake Cherry Pie, and Sun Dried Cherry Fruit Leather.

If you missed my amazing Cheesecake Cherry Pie recipe, that happens to be low in sugar, you can find it here

Sun Dried Cherry Fruit Leather -Healthy Snack

Today I want to share my delicious Sun Dried Cherry Fruit Leather. Not only does it taste amazing but it’s the easiest recipe on the planet that includes 2 ingredients and is an excellent healthy snack for everyone in your house to enjoy. Including your kiddos. 

Cherry Fruit Leather- Healthy Snack

You can can download the free PDF here!

 Sun Dried Cherry Fruit Leather - Healthy

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