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It was spring and Ash and I, with our littles, were out and about. I was itching to get our room furnished. We had just ripped out some old built-ins to make the space feel a little larger, replaced the floor with a nice hardwood, and patched and painted the walls and molding.  I was thrilled we were able to keep the original 9 inch molding. That stuff is just gorgeous and sings to my interior design heart strings. We had a little lonely open corner in our room right next to some double windows. I was keeping my eye out for a nice little piece to go in that space when I saw it.

We were walking through an old thrift store and I spotted it. I knew I had to have it!!! I turned to Ash and pointed to an old chair sitting amongst the stained and dilapidated sofas.  He looked at me like I was crazy. “That thing?! We ARE NOT bringing that in our house.” After convincing him of my grand plans for a couple bucks the chair was ours. We loaded it up and the work began.

HOW I DID IT: tips and tricks

I carefully and completely took the chair apart. I always like to ensure the frame and bones of a piece of furniture are solid and in place. Using wood glue and couple screws did the trick. The bones of this chair were actually in pretty good shape, so I gave everything a good sand, cleaned it up, and applied a fresh new coat of paint. I decided that I didn’t want to brush on the paint because I was worried about clogging the beautiful wicker on the side arms that was still in really good condition. So I decided to spray on my white paint. I like to use the Rust-Oleum Professional High Performance Enamel Spray Paint in Gloss White. You can find it here. While letting it dry I got to work on the reupholstering. I found my fabric on Spoonflower. I love that it’s unique but also still subtle and light.  I layered the fabric with a standard white material to give it a little more strength and durability. I kept all the old buttons and recovered them with my new material and stitched them off on the back side to make sure the fabric would stay nice and tight.  Next was piping. I pulled the rope from the old piping and used my same white material, which was used fort the liner, to encase the rope.  You will want to do this with a sewing machine.  Be sure to do a super close and tight stitch here. You will need to get it right up to that needle. It will fight to pull away but keep it there.

After getting the buttons and piping attached it was time to reconnect the cushion and material to the chair. I used a staple gun for this and it worked pretty well. Be sure to have a hammer handy though, you may need to add a little extra tap to some of those staples to make sure they are inserted ALL THE WAY. You don’t want staples sticking out on a nice cushy chair.

A couple extra tips...

PULL, PULL, PULL on that fabric. It’s so important to pull that fabric tight when you are stapling and placing your buttons. Your fabric will stretch out over time. If you want your piece of furniture to still look tight and new then you really have to put some muscle into this part.


furniture, makeover, design, home, interior design


I've put together some really great options if you want seating that will deliver a similar look and feel but also deliver the level of comfort we all want in a chair. Corner Tufted Chairs: Here  and also below. (the products listed have blue and white color options).

I am a "words" person. I have dozens of quotes hanging up around my house. Some I keep and others I switch out. I have a couple special ones in my room that help me get up and go. Here are some great framing options for your favorite quotes too!

I've also curated some beautiful pieces for a side table or dresser to recreate this look. 

Next up... my gorgeous modern dresser. I get asked about his one all the time so here are some beautiful modern options!

Drapes, we can't leave those windows naked guys. I love all of these gorgeous looks and they come in BLUE and WHITE: here

That should just about do it folks. If I missed something or you have any questions please leave a comment below. I'm happy to help:)





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  • Nora Erickson Meaker

    Love that chair and you did an excellent job redoing it!

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