Gardening, Garden tags, chalkboard tags
I really love this time of year. Something about working in the dirt just makes you forget all the stress of life.  Having a garden is a commitment to be outside and work in the dirt, so in my eye's its a win win.  Even just a half hour outside working in the garden can make everything seem right in the world.
We try to plant a nice sized garden every year and for some reason a minute after the seeds go in the ground I forget what was planted. Then I am left guessing until the plant actually gets big enough for me to recognize it. I decided to play around with garden tags this year to solve that problem and came up with a cute little tag idea. I thought I would share how I put these together for anyone out there suffering from short term memory loss like me;)

What you will need:

  1. Wooden stick
  2. Small chalk board sign: HERE  (I really wish I would have seen these ones. I actually like the string and think it would be even cuter to tie them on along with the wood glue;)
  3. Sharpie White Pen/Marker: HERE (opted to do a permanent marker that looked like chalk. After just a couple watering sessions the chalk can easily wash off and then I would be back to square one)
  4. Wood glue: HERE
Garden, Gardening tags, chalk board garden tags

Step One:

Write your vegetable names on each of your garden tags.

Garden Tags

Step Two:

Once you have all of the names written apply wood glue to the top of your garden stick and press onto the backside of your chalkboard.  Let completely dry!
Gardening, Gardening tags, Chalk board gardening tags

Step Three:

Place them in the ground at the end of your row!
A small, fast, and easy project that will keep you from guessing what you planted:) Now if you don't have time to put these together or may you are just not feeling very crafty I found these adorable ones that are just as cute and only $8.99!!! Link HERE.
Happy tagging folks:)
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