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I thought it only appropriate to dedicated a small space to our own experience remodeling our farm house built over a century ago. Initially we were told that our house was built in 1909, however a sweet patron or our neighborhood recently informed us that we have been mislead. Our house was built at/around/or just before 1850. Ashton and I have always been project people and pretty handy, but I don't think anything can prepare you for a full gut remodel. No amount of charm can substitute for a house being appropriately plumbed or the electricity being grounded. Come again!?!?!?! Yep you heard right... some of our outlets were not grounded when we first moved in. Let's just say sparks flew when we tried to plug in our cable.  It's been quite the adventure to say the least, and I'm excited to share our progress and stories that are just down right laughable.  Glad your here to take a look at what we are up to in this old farm house of ours.


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